Lion's Mane Latte


Introducing the delightful ‘Lion’s Mane Latte’ from Cheerful Buddha, a remarkable blend of powerful superfood powders that will elevate your daily routine with a delicious and vibrant instant latte. Harnessing the nourishing properties of Lion’s Mane, one of nature’s most remarkable functional mushrooms, this latte is an excellent choice for those seeking to support their overall well-being. Lion’s Mane has been associated with enhanced memory, focus, concentration, and a stronger immune system.


To further enhance your well-being, our ‘Lion’s Mane Latte’ is enriched with adaptogenic Ashwagandha, vibrant Turmeric, and two flavorsome and nutrient-dense superfoods – Cinnamon and Lucuma. Together, these ingredients create a harmonious blend that not only delights your taste buds but also provides nourishment for your body.

Prepare this delicious latte by mixing 1 teaspoon of ‘Lion’s Mane Latte’ powder thoroughly in a small amount of hot water or milk until a creamy mixture is obtained. Then, top it up with more milk or water for a smooth and delectable drink. The versatility of our coconut milk powder allows you to enjoy this latte with either hot water or your preferred plant-based drink, such as nut, soy, or oat milk, for an added touch of creaminess.

Indulge in the ‘Lion’s Mane Latte’ as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee, perfect for any time of the day. We’ve carefully crafted this blend without any added sugar, ensuring a guilt-free enjoyment. With its convenient and instant preparation, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking a nourishing beverage to support their well-being.

Unleash your creativity by incorporating this nourishing mix into your favorite recipes such as porridge, smoothies, or shakes. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to infuse the benefits of Lion’s Mane and other superfoods into your daily diet.

Choose Cheerful Buddha’s ‘Lion’s Mane Latte’ to experience the powerful combination of superfoods, delightful flavors, and the incredible benefits of Lion’s Mane. Elevate your well-being one sip at a time.

Lion's Mane Latte

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