Meet the Founder

Hi! My name is Robert

I’ve always been inspired by travelling and meeting people all over the world. I spent 6 years backpacking across every continent; eating, drinking and learning.

While away I learnt about other cultures and some of the ingenious ways people would look after themselves. It was during this time, that I completely changed how I nurtured my body. I began to ensure I had all the important vitamins and minerals, and I started to use herbal remedies to calm my body and my mind.

As soon as I returned to the UK I began searching for products and I quickly found that there was no one source for everything, that’s why I started Inspired Life. My aim isn’t to turn into a megacorp that churns out products, instead, it’s something much more personal. I check the science each product claims, do my background research into the companies I work with and test every product before sharing them with you.

I put together a little stall in Stockport market and there was instant interest, it wasn’t long before I found my second home in Afflecks, Manchester (where you can pop by and speak to me or any member of my team).

I’ve started a blog that you can find here, where my team and I will give you all the information you need, so you can be clued up before you purchase. But at the end of the day, you will know you can trust anything you find on this website.

I’ve slowly grown into a close-knit team that all really care about what we do because it’s all about helping people. Nothing gives me more joy than when our customers tell us about how much we have helped them! So give it a go and…


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